What started as a dream, with the help of friends, became a reality.  Paulette's Red Kitchen is a TV show that focuses in depth on one aspect of food during each show.  Each show offers creative possibilties for exploration with multiple styles of preparation, complex and complimentary paring.  All with wonderful results! 
After more than two years of taping and producing Paulette's Red Kitchen, a second show, Love On A Plate was formed.   Love On A Plate is about building one plate of food that is balanced, colorful, nutritious and in the right proportions.  Love On A Plate brings in the food-philosophy of Ayurveda, the nutritional balance of whole grains, fruits and vegetables with just the right amount of protein, and pays special attention to the color and visual attraction of the food on the plate.  We eat with our eyes first, our nose second, our mouth third and our stomach last. Love on a plate is focused on creating satisfaction for all of these senses. 

The sign posts from Paulette's life, which mark some of the places she has traveled and the markers she has collected, include: PhD, RN, Chef, Reiki Master, Vintner, Software Designer and many other certifications in professional nursing and energy healing. 
It is a joy to create food that not only feeds the body, but feeds the soul.
Please join me on this journey -