Love On A Plate Recipes
 The goal of Love On A Plate is to create a plate of food that has 5-star flavor, balance and nutrition. In the Vedic text of Auyrveda, food is medicine for the body and the soul.  The ‘medicine’ is created in the preparation, combination and use of primary and secondary ingredients. Layering flavors, accenting colors and balancing the salt, sweet, astringent, bitter, sour and pungent raw ingredients to produce ‘love’ for the body on a single plate is the heart of this show.
The individual recipes are combined to create an entire ‘plate’ or meal in which detailed attention is paid to complexity, complementarity and composition.   Each plate is a balanced combination of an average portion (based on 2,000 calories a day) of whole grains, vegetables, fruit and protein.  The recipes for the meals are titled using the above pattern: grains, protein, veggies and fruit or sweet. 
Listed below are links to the recipes from each show.  The titles are in an abbreviated form in an attempt to let you know what we created on that particular 'Love on A Plate'.   Enjoy!
Barley salad_City chicken_Roasted tomato and corn_Whole wheat oatmeal cookies
Barley salad_Rubbed pork roast_Gratin Greens_Red onion apple tart_Whole wheat coconut waffle cookies
Barley risotto_Deconstructed saltimbocca_Zucchini saute_Roasted fruit
Brown rice_Oriental BBQ ribs_Sweet carrot salad_Spicy cuke relish_Whole Wheat wafers
Buttered grains_Chicken in mustard sauce_Zucchini tomato olive bake_Fruit pudding
Couscous_Moroccan chicken_Acorn squash_Coconut fudge cookies
Homemade couscous_Lemon pepper thyme shrimp_Celery salad_Brown sugar fig cake
Masa dumplings_Tex mex turykey chili_Ginger Beer fruit_Spanish cookies
Millet_Black Beans pumpkin coconut_Marinated cabbage_Apple pear fig saute_Angel Food cake
Oat pilaf_Rustic chicken/turkey soup_Red slaw_Coconut tapioca pudding
Orzo salad_Anisette shrimp_Escarole saute_Whole Wheat chocolate chip cookies
Penne_Pancetta vodka sauce_Bitter green salad_Berry salsa_Almond lemon pudding
Pizza whole wheat_Puttanesca sauce_Wilted greens_Vanilla bean ice milk
Quinoa noodles_Orange scallops_Veggie fruit stirfry_Peach apricot cake
Quinoa Pilaf_Red Wine Lentils_Grilled Beets Sweet Potato Salad_Grilled Pears and Vanilla
Rice and Wheat berries_Whole wheat fruit coffee cake_Curley endive pancetta eggs_Chopped salad
Rice_egg curry_ Roasted broccoli and cauliflower_Berry with lavender honey yogurt
Rice veggie stirfry_Teriyaki pork_Asian roasted beets_Napa slaw_Vanilla cookies
Salt potatoes_Grilled fish steak_Tomato peach salsa_Smokey green beans_Almond pudding
Spanish rice_Mexican lamb_Tex mex bean salad_Lemon polenta cake
Tamales_Black beans_Chopped salad_Rice pudding
Wheat berrries_Red pepper garlic chicken_Red cabbage and beets_Mascarpone grapes and nuts
Whole Wheat cocoa cake_Roasted shrimp_Fruit salsa_Roasted broccollini
Whole Wheat fennel crackers_Cream of roasted mushroom soup with brie_Cesar salad_Steamed pudding
Whole Wheat orzo_Chicken fennel_Baked eggplant_Balsamic salad_Coconut chocolate bars
Whole Wheat French bread_Butternut saffron olive stew_Tarragon spinach_Napa cabbage slaw and berries
Whole Wheat pasta_Sweet hot pepper sauce_green beans lemon egg_warm cabbage beet salad_cake
Whole Wheat polenta bread_Beef jam_Fennel potato leek soup_Baked tomatoes_Tapioca pudding
Whole Wheat ricotta pie_ Bitter green salad_ Onion jam on zucchini_ Pistachio clouds
Whole Wheat pasta_Puttenesca sauce_Dark green salad_Sauted apples_Mascarpone Cake


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